Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You are here!! Let the fun begin...

I am so excited to bring you my very own, first time blog spot. As I am learning all about the blogging world I ask that you be patient and laugh along with me through all my many mistakes.  Have you ever heard of Close To My Heart? Whether you have or not you have come to the right spot!  I fell in love with the product, opportunities, and the people I have met. I became a Independent Consultant for Close To My Heart because a Consultant once said to me “if you like a little; buy it, if you like a lot, have a gathering, if you like it all, become a consultant! So I did. I intend to bring you some artwork, tips & techniques, and videos regarding the products. As well as some things I find interesting, mixed in.   I offer home gatherings, your place or mine, and workshops. You will be able to shop right from my blog spot.  You can shop in your pajamas anytime day or night. Delivered right to your door.   Simpler, Easier, Faster that is what it is all about.  Any constructive criticism or comments are welcome.  Please join me and the let the fun begin.

Cheryl Tingley



  1. Welcome Friend!!!
    Been wondering about you. Never see you on FB. Glad to see you here. I actually prefer blogging over FB anyway. Hope you have lots of fun here.

  2. Evy it is so good to hear from you. I think of you often. I really miss you. We need to truly make a lunch date. My house. You name the date. ASAP without fail.